Artwork Concept Proposal for Perth-based architect

A Perth-based architectural firm engaged Little pink typewriter to help them write and edit their Artwork Concept Proposal for a public art project.

The brief: Artwork Concept Proposal

The proposal had to address several criteria pertaining to the project’s objectives, considerations and limitations, including:

  • Excellence + Quality
  • Concept / Response to Brief
  • Response to Site
  • Sustainability
  • Project Management & Budget

The outcome:

The submission components I wrote / edited content for included:

  • Administrative Information / Roles / Bios
  • Written Description – Art Submission Theme / Concept
  • Understanding the Project
  • Project Alignment
  • Artwork Documentation
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Sustainability Principles
  • Suppliers & Subcontractors
  • Research & References

As well as the technical components, it was fantastic to write about the social, historical and cultural signifcance of the piece.

Kind words:

Thanks again, Jeanette. I love those last few sentences.” – Director

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