Service spotlight: Editing

Now I know you’re not supposed to have favourites… and as much as I love crafting brand spanking new copy, I gotta say, I LOVE editing. There’s something very satisfying about finessing, polishing, fine-tuning, trimming copy until you find ‘the right word’ or create ‘the perfect sentence’. And, even if you’re a gun writer or

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Fusion Biz Babes

List: 18 Perth biz babes you need to know about

“We rise by lifting others”, said Robert Ingersoll… And that is the most appropriate quote I can think of to describe the women, aka the Fusion Biz Babes, I have connected with, both virtually, via the #BizBabesLounge, and in person, over the last year. I started my business journey very slowly, and in fact, baulked at many

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food blogging

Blog post: Are you ready to try the best High Teas in Perth?

“Do you like cake? Rhetorical question. Do you like sandwiches cut into tincy, tiny pieces? Yes. Do you struggle to choose between sweet and savoury? Often. Do you like champagne? Well, der. And, finally, do you like getting dressed up for a fancy morning tea or afternoon tea with your mum, sisters or girlfriends? It’d

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construction industry

Turning technical content into plain English

Today is all about gritty, technical content for one of my construction industry clients. It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea, but I love getting stuck into meaty, technical content and making it say what it is trying to say – in plain English! #technicalcontent #science #engineering #STEM #academic #writing #projectprofiles #webcontent #construction #mining #resources #infrastructure #engineering

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Collaboration: Alphabet, with a Difference poster

We can finally unveil our little project. The ‘Alphabet, with a Difference’ poster is a collaboration between design by fish (illustration) and Little pink typewriter (words), in support of The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF). It’s an alphabet with a difference – to make a difference. $2 from each poster will be donated to ALNF

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