International Literacy Day – Grammarly

It’s International Literacy Day – a subject close to my heart. Grammarly says it best in its blog post, Illiteracy is still a human rights issue: “Today marks the fifty-first anniversary of International Literacy Day, a holiday that recognizes literacy as ‘a foundation to build a more sustainable future for all.’ Started in 1966 by

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Blog post for Balance by Deborah Hutton

We hear a lot about the term, ‘balance’. Wanting it, having it all, curating the perfect life – at least on Instagram! Please. Whether you see it among your circle or high-profile people perpetuating the myth of perfection, relax, we know it’s just a construct. My article, ‘What do Rose Jacobs, Denise Scott, Julia Morris

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Why I started Little pink typewriter – CEO Blog Nation

What’s yer “why”? People talk about their “why” all. the. time. And sometimes it goes deep. Total core purpose stuff. Other times, well, more practical. Here’s a bit about mine. While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an entrepreneur (actually, I definitely wouldn’t call myself an entrepreneur!), I recently answered my “why” question for CEO Blog

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case study

Client love: website content for Q Mortgage Australia

Client: Q Mortgage Australia   The brief: Website copy overhaul.   Testimonial: “I needed to update my website copy so it provided a better picture of the services I offer – and reflected my experience and values. I was referred to Jeanette, who helped me clarify and articulate my thoughts, then created the content with minimal

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Client love: editing for Curtin University academic document

Client: Curtin University Referrals are everything… A big thank you to my former colleague who, long after I’d worked with him, emailed me out of the blue: “Are you up to a proofing/editing job on a major health grant application my wife is working on? It’s about 30 pages. You’re the best person for the

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