How to bring services content to life

Writing services content, like product content, can be challenging, and it’s also easy to default to a simple list, without considering the audience.

When I’m writing content about a company’s services, like this article for Wilshaw Engineering, it’s ideal to show the services in action, using real-life projects / applications.

Instead of simply listing the services a company offers, this article provides a real-life example of how the services were delivered – and, importantly, the outcome for their client.

This demonstrates that you not only understand your client or a potential client’s problem / need, but how to address it and provide a solution.

So while it’s still about your services, it adds value to the audience / potential customer.

Why, then how

Likewise, this article first outlines the “why” of the service offering, and how it can help the client / potential client, ending with how they can help – the services offering / sell comes last.

The benefits of taking this approach

  • Shows you understand the client’s problem / need

  • Demonstrates knowledge and expertise

  • Builds trust

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