List: 18 Perth biz babes you need to know about

“We rise by lifting others”, said Robert Ingersoll… And that is the most appropriate quote I can think of to describe the women, aka the Fusion Biz Babes, I have connected with, both virtually, via the #BizBabesLounge, and in person, over the last year.

I started my business journey very slowly, and in fact, baulked at many things along the way. I was initially hesitant about joining a business networking group at all:

“It’s not really me, or for me.”

“I’m not ready, but I’m happy to cheer the others along.”

“Okay, I’ll join, but I don’t know how much time I can commit to it.”

“And please don’t add me to the directory; I’m not really ready to go public and don’t have a brand yet…”

“Okay, add me to the directory, but I’m still working on my website”

Hesitant, much?!

And here we are, 12 months later… I’m still slowly building Little pink typewriter, but I do have a beautiful brand now (that still makes my heart sing!), thanks to Jo Wilson Design, a super website, thanks to Ben Toussaint, a delicious balance of clients and collaborators, and these ridiculously supportive gals (listed, and the more recent members) cheering each other along…

I don’t know where I’ll be in a year’s time, but that is the beauty of small business life, and life in general. We do our best and just keep at it.

Happy anniversary, Fusion Biz Babes. Congratulations, Ashley Matković for all that you do and all that you’ve created. Thanks for including little ol’ Little pink in your 18 original babes post

I’ve been called worse things than quirky, that’s for sure:

Every biz group needs a quirky copywriter!  And JB is certainly that for Fusion Biz Babes! Right off the bat, JB has been getting busy in the group – posting, supporting others, delighting us with her magic words. We have watched her build her biz to a point where she could quit her day job, and go all in. I love seeing people go after their dreams with blind ambition and that is JB.  Even if she has confused us with her million nicknames!

People of Perth (and beyond!), while you’re clicking through to the link (yes, go on!), check out the other members in the Fusion Biz Babes directory.


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