Plagiarism – please stop it.

Some say imitation is a form of flattery…

Or, to be precise: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” (Oscar Wilde)

And while it is easier than ever to copy someone else’s work and harder to do anything about it (unless it is trademarked, etc), it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

And yes, going back “forever”, someone’s work will always influence and/or be influenced by another’s, or indeed, the world at large.

Sure. I get that. We’re all influenced by someone or something in some way – possibly subliminally. Or we might like someone’s “idea”, but put our own twist on it.

But, I’m talking about outright, blatant, ripping off someone else’s work – verbatim (or an extremely thinly disguised attempt).

It’s happened to me before, it’s happened again, and will no doubt continue to happen.

No one is immune; I get that.

But, here’s why it frustrates me:

  • It’s unprofessional
  • It reflects poorly on you / your brand
  • It’s lazy
  • It disrespects the original copywriter/designer/photographer/artist/whomever

There’s a reason clients pay me to craft the right message. It takes time and effort, and is tailored to that client – please respect that.

And, get your own copywriter.

Please. Just stop it.

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