Project article for mining engineers Wilshaw: mine dewatering solution

Client: Wilshaw

Project: News articles, website publishing and LinkedIn management

I’ve been writing, editing and curating content for Wilshaw for just over two years.

I work remotely and it works a treat. My key contacts at Wilshaw send through some ideas and / or words and / or pics and we go from there.

I love the autonomy and trust, and results / growth they’ve achieved in this time.

They recently completed an impressive underground mine project – designing, supplying and installing a turnkey pump station at a new gold mine in the northern Goldfields, Western Australia.

Without any hoo-ha – which is a pretty significant achievement in such a high-risk industry.

As Noel Wilshaw, General Manager, Wilshaw, said, “This was a huge project to be involved with and testament to all the stakeholders who worked seamlessly to deliver this project on time, on budget and without incident. It was well run and managed by Blair from start to finish.”

Read about it in full here. Or on LinkedIn.

On time. On budget. Without incident. Well done, Wilshaw.

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