Service spotlight: Editing

Now I know you’re not supposed to have favourites… and as much as I love crafting brand spanking new copy, I gotta say, I LOVE editing.

There’s something very satisfying about finessing, polishing, fine-tuning, trimming copy until you find ‘the right word’ or create ‘the perfect sentence’.

And, even if you’re a gun writer or feel confident you’ve got your thoughts down as intended, it’s quite difficult to edit your own work because you tend to read back to yourself what you *think* you’ve written rather than what is actually on the page / screen…

I do it all… the… time! A fresh pair of eyes wins every time.

And finally, editing is not just about spelling and grammar; it’s about clarity and messaging – saying what you really want to say with the right words.

Want editing? Need Little pink typewriter? Or just want to know more about what I do?

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