Service spotlight: publishing marketing collateral

While digital marketing dominates most content marketing strategies, print and / or digital copies of marketing collateral are still effective marketing tools.

As well as content writing, content editing and content curation, I offer a publishing service, in collaboration with graphic designers – either in-house or external.

I’ve frequently mentioned how much I enjoy working with design teams; I’ve always done so in my corporate comms / agency roles, and it just makes sense.

What types of marketing collateral?

Some of the print / digital marketing collateral I produce include:

How does it work?

As always, it begins with a brief, to:

  • Outline the goal / purpose of the collateral
  • Define the scope of the project, including deliverables, word / page count, etc
  • Clarify the points of contacts and consolidate the approval process
  • Confirm other parties, ie graphic designer, printer, etc

We then have a meeting with relevant stakeholders to clarify the messaging / tone of voice.

Then I get writing!

We go back / forth with the copy, until it’s finalised / approved by key stakeholders / reviewers.

Only then should it go to design.

Publishing process

Ideally, the copy is approved and then designed, but *sometimes* there are copy changes “later in the process”.

While this is not ideal, the graphic designer can usually implement them, as long as they aren’t complicated – or require complete rewrites!

Working with the designer and / or designated printer, we deliver the final product as a physical printed copy and / or digital copy for website downloads / emailable pdfs, etc.

Why does it work?

Well, it’s quite symbiotic. It brings together two skill sets that need each other to deliver a comprehensive, professional product.

My graphic design colleagues wouldn’t be offended if I said they shouldn’t be writing copy, just as I wouldn’t be offended if they said I shouldn’t be attempting graphic design!

But it’s not about us; it also has time and cost benefits for our clients.

Having a collab partner – or team – brings time and cost benefits.

I can take care of the copy and manage the overall project / client, and the graphic designer can take care of the design / development.

Likewise, the graphic designer can manage design projects, and bring in copy from me as needed.

There’s still only one point of contact – so no double-handling.

Want marketing collateral? Need Little pink typewriter? Or just want to know more about what I do?

Email me at or drop me a line via my Contact form.

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