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Hello!Who is Little pink typewriter?Quals & things...

Hi! Thanks for swingin' by.

Okay, I'm not really a little pink typewriter - I'm a human! I don't have a little pink typewriter and I do work in the 21st century, but I am passionate about the craft of writing and its traditional tools, like the little pink typewriter and its always-handy sidekick, the little red pen...

So who am I and what does Little pink typewriter do? I'm a copywriter, editor, print and digital publisher, and self-confessed word-nerd.

I work with you - and other collaborators - to create content, print or digital products to help you better communicate with your clients. Through my Think | Write | Collaborate | Create process, I develop quality content and products that are on-brand, on-message, and create engagement.

Real name Jeanette Muscat. Collector of many nicknames, so feel free to create your own. ​

I love words (obviously), about as much as I love shoes, red velvet cupcakes and a well-made Aperol Sour (needs the egg white!)… and dogs.

I was born and bred in Brisbane (aka Brissie), Australia. After snagging a journalism degree and freelancing around the traps primarily in the local music and arts industry, I went for a sticky-beak in the UK. Two years later, then another four in Dublin (it happens), I realised I loved travelling and meeting people from all over the world as much as I love words.

I cut my journo and copywriting teeth in street press and marketing consultancies, improved my Mac skills typesetting books in a publishing house (which I loved!) and working in an advertising agency. ​ When I eventually settled back down under, back in Brissie, I combined the fine art of writing and editing with strategic communications, and learnt to balance right-brain creativity with the glamorous world of engineering, science and other technical fields. Who knew?

I've upskilled from print to digital (but still LOVE the print process) and written about everything from fashion and food to architecture and property, mining and construction, and indigenous issues. I love getting stuck into messy, technical content as much as I love talking up the latest and greatest hybrid, booze-infused donut-burger.

Talk to me, so we can start to create.

Bachelor of Arts - Journalism, Media, Communication
Graduate Certificate in Arts - Professional Communication,
Critical Reasoning, Human Rights


Google Analytics - White Chalk Road
Inbound Marketing - HubSpot Academy
Content Masterclass - Social Media Perth
Cultural Awareness Training - Kart Koort Wiern
Communicating and Connecting with Aboriginal Clients - WACOSS



Print and digital - web content, blog posts, media releases, feature articles, brochures, flyers, case studies, project profiles, team bios, annual reports, award submissions


Print and digital, including web content, blog posts, media releases, feature articles, brochures, flyers, case studies, project profiles, team bios, annual reports, award submissions, specialising in long-form technical and academic documents


Web content, blog posts, newsletters, using a range of CMS, including WordPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Joomla


Collaborating with your creative team, an external designer/developer or my collaborators to produce print and digital materials, and web development projects from concept to delivery



Get in touch

m: + 61 410 730 084
e: hello@littlepinktypewriter.com.au

How it works

Little pink typewriter doesn’t just start frantically tapping away at its keys. It works with you to create – your content, print and/or digital products – through its interchangeable Think | Write | Collaborate | Create process…

Before we write, we think. Before we collaborate, we write. Before we create, we collaborate. Before we produce, we create.

It’s imperative to start every project with a solid brief. Without one, I won’t get your messaging and voice right.

Any questions?

If you’ve any more questions, email: hello@littlepinktypewriter.com.au or call 0410 730 084

The process

1. Brief

I’ll email you the Little pink typewriter BRIEF – or we can nut it out in person. This Q&A informs everything about the project – your goals, your differentiators, your voice, your key messages, the scope. The more detail you provide, the better. To have a sneak peek to get a better understanding of it, email: hello@littlepinktypewriter.com.au.

2. Quote

Once you have the completed the BRIEF, I can use this information to compile a comprehensive quote, including scope of work, timeframe, cost and Ts&Cs.

3. Quote acceptance

If you’re happy with the QUOTE, just sign and return it, and pay the 50% depost to commence work, and we’re good to go!

4. First draft

I’ll then get cracking and write the first draft of your project. For larger jobs – such as websites – I’ll write a sample page or section to ensure you’re happy with the tone and style of the copy.

5. First review

This is your chance to give feedback. Be as honest as you can and give as much detail as you can so I can get it right.

6. Second draft

Once you’ve provided your feedback, I’ll incorporate your changes into the copy – and if it’s a large project, continue with the rest of the content.

7. Second review

The copy should be telling your story now. This is why the BRIEF is so important – if I understand your business and goals up front, there shouldn’t be too many reviews – saving you time and money. The second review is your chance to make any final comments. My fee includes the first draft and first round of changes, so it’s important to make your feedback clear in the first review. Second review changes incur an hourly rate.

8. Final review

The changes after the second review should be minimal. I’ll implement these changes and submit the final draft to you for review. Once you’re happy with this draft, simply sign the COMPLETED form and the copy and copyright is yours. This form signifies your acceptance of the finished product and transfers the copyright to you.

Again, further changes will incur an hourly rate fee, so it’s important to make early feedback clear.


I've been around the block - and the world!

My copywriting, editing and publishing experience spans roles with magazines and digital marketing companies, a publishing house (Dublin), global engineering consultancies (Brisbane and Perth), boutique PR agencies (Brisbane and Perth), and the public sector.

These are some examples of my copywriting for websites, articles, blog posts and campaign copy, and editing.

You'll find my blog posts and reviews on Perth Uncommon, AB Film Review, FRINGE WORLD, and Balance, by Deborah Hutton.