Content writing, editing & curation for technical industries

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Is this thing on?

Thanks for swingin' by. Okay, so I'm not a typewriter; I'm a human! A freelance copywriter / content writer, editor and curator.

I help technical industry businesses showcase their expertise and communicate better with their clients.

What's with the typewriter? I'm glad you asked. While I don't use a typewriter (though I do have a fancy mechanical typewriter keyboard!), I'm passionate about the craft of writing and its traditional tools, like the typewriter and its always handy sidekick, the little red pen...

Got an engineering, construction or technology project that needs engaging content?


I offer three services: Copywriting / Content writing | Editing | Content plus .

I work with you – and other collaborators as needed (your in-house team, marketing staff / creatives or external subcontractors) – to create content, print or digital products that showcase your expertise, and help you communicate better with your clients (and potential clients).

All services are available as a once-off service or in a package, and can be customised.

Copywriting / Content writing

All the words from scratch
Print and digital content – website copy, blog posts, LinkedIn content, media releases, feature / industry articles, marketing collateral, capability statements, case studies, team bios, award submissions


Fine-tuning your words
Refining your language (tone of voice) and proofreading (checking spelling, grammar and consistency) to the full-blown edit: website copy, marketing collateral, capability statements, case studies, annual reports, award submissions, bids / tenders, long-form documents

Content plus

More than words
The whole content process: strategy, content, publishing, amplifying and tracking

Kind words


Need content writing, editing or curation?

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How it works

I don't just start tapping away at my little pink typewriter keys. I work with you (and collaborators as needed) to create your content, print and/or digital products using my Little pink process.

It starts with a brief. Without a brief, I won’t get your tone of voice and messaging right.

Have a squiz at my Little pink process below, illustrated the amazing Jo Wilson Design (who also did my branding!).

All services and packages can be customised. Download my Little pink services overview.

Terms and Conditions

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Any questions?

If you’ve any more questions, call 0410 730 084 or send me an email.

Little pink process

Who I work with

While I write, edit and curate content for diverse sectors and audiences, I specialise in content for professional services firms and SMEs in STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths), construction, architecture and property.

You'll find examples of my copywriting / content writing, editing and / or content curation projects on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

These are some of the businesses I work / have worked with: