Alphabet, with a Difference project

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Not too surprisingly, Little pink typewriter is passionate about literacy and education.

And although Lpt is a (tiny) small business, I wanted to create a way to support a literacy program.

In partnership with Celeste, Design by fish, we created the Alphabet, with a Difference project.

What is the Alphabet, with a Difference project?

The Alphabet, with a Difference project is a collaboration between Design by fish (illustration) and Little pink typewriter (words), in support of The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF).

What does the ALNF do?

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia and raises funds to develop, implement and sustain innovative projects for individuals, families and communities.

The ALNF’s programs address a wide range of learning needs, with a particular focus on Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities. ALNF believes that literacy is freedom – literacy allows individuals to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. It is a basic human right.”

The Alphabet, with a Difference project includes a poster and individual letter prints.

It’s an alphabet with a difference – to help make a difference. The alphabet poster is different because it includes diverse words – some easy, some hard, but all of them fun. It’s different because the descriptions evoke questions and discussion. And, $2 from each poster and $1 from each individual letter print is donated to the ALNF to help them continue to do their great work.

How can you support the project?

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