When choosing a copywriter / content writer, editor or curator, there’s a lot to consider.

There’s a g’zillion content writers out there, so to ensure we’re the right fit, here’s what I offer.


I know you know your business better than anyone. But sometimes being so immersed in your business can make it hard to see and articulate your communication goals with an impartial eye.

That’s why I’m so gung-ho about undertaking the consultation and Little pink Brief part of my process. This is my chance to get to know and understand your business – and importantly, offer different insights or ways of seeing your business and communication strategies you may not have thought of. Through this process, Little pink typewriter offers a fresh, detached, external perspective.

Dedicated time & resource

Even if you have considered and articulated your communications strategy and content goals, you probably don’t have the time or resources to implement them.

Besides, isn’t it more valuable to spend your time doing your core business than worrying about your website content, marketing collateral or monthly EDM?

By engaging Little pink typewriter to take care of your content creation, you can focus on your business – or free up time to spend it doing things you’d rather be doing. And because the content has been given the time and attention it deserves, it will be on brand, on message, tailored to your customers, and therefore, create engagement.

Industry experience

While I may not have experience in your industry – and respect your first-hand knowledge and expertise – I’ve had plenty in mine.

I have more than 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, countries and business types, from start-ups and boutique agencies to global corporations, and plenty of places in between, fine-tuning my writing, editing and publishing skills, across diverse platforms and for equally diverse campaigns.

Understanding the differences in writing for different communication mediums is just part of what I do.

Read more about my experience here.

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