Little pink typewriter Ts&Cs


All original material remains the property of Little pink typewriter until the final payment has been received. Until such time, the client is prohibited from publishing, reproducing, altering or redistributing any material produced by Little pink typewriter. Once the final payment has been received, copyright is transferred to the client; however, Little pink typewriter retains the right to use any portion of the material for self-promotional interests, unless the client explicitly requests exclusivity in writing, before the project’s completion. In the event that a project is cancelled before completion by the client, the client waives copyright to any and all work completed.


Little pink typewriter relinquishes all responsibility for legal repercussions that may be incurred on publication or distribution of material by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the accuracy of all content and that all information provided to, or produced by, Little pink typewriter is factual and correct.

Cancellation fees

By client

Should a project be cancelled by the client after the client has signed the project authorisation, but before the project begins, the client will forfeit their deposit.

Should the client cancel a project after project has commenced, the client will forfeit their deposit and be obliged to pay for all work completed to date within 14 days (2 weeks). Discounts and exemptions will not apply.

By Little pink typewriter

Should Little pink typewriter cancel a project, the client will be under no obligation to make payment for any work not completed. Any monies already paid (including the deposit) will be refunded in full to the client within 14 days (2 weeks). Should the client wish to use any completed material and secure copyright to that material, the xlient may pay for all or any work completed to date in accordance with the standard payment terms.

Urgency fee

Any work deemed urgent and required to take priority over other projects will be subject to an Urgency Fee – charged at 30% of the total quote. If the project is deemed urgent partway through the project, an Urgency Fee of 30% will apply to the remaining portion of work to be completed.

Retainer fees

Retainer payments must be paid monthly, in advance. Projects exceeding the agreed hours of the retainer agreement will be charged at the nominated project rate, subject to these Terms & Conditions:

–   Should the client cancel the retainer contract before to the retainer period ends, the client will be liable to pay the remainder of the retainer contract within 14 days (2 weeks).

–   Should Little pink typewriter cancel the retainer contract before the retainer period ends, the standard monthly fee will be refunded, less any work already completed to date within 14 days (2 weeks) of cancellation.

Payment terms

– Unless otherwise agreed, all projects exceeding $200 are subject to a 50% deposit before Little pink typewriter commences work. Jobs less than $200 require full payment in advance.

– The final invoice, for which payment is required to transfer copyright to the client, will be issued:

  • Once the copy has been approved by the client; OR
  • The first draft has been completed and provided by Little pink typewriter AND
  • The client has not provided any feedback or changes to the copy within 21 days (3 weeks). In this instance, it will be assumed the work has been accepted as complete and the project will be closed. Further edits required after this period will need to be formally rescheduled and re-quoted.

– EFT is the preferred payment option and account details will be issued on your invoice.

–   Final accounts which are more than 30 days overdue will be referred to a debt collection agency, with all recovery fees payable by the client unless alternate arrangements have been made in writing prior to the account falling 30 days in arrears.