Weekend Notes article: Social Inclusion Forum

“Passionate about social inclusion in sport? Sport has the power to change the world – Nelson Mandela If you, too, believe sport can be a powerful and positive influence in communities and you’re passionate about social inclusion – particularly in the sport and recreation sector – head along to the Social Inclusion Forum on Wednesday 4

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Introducing… Little red pen!

Say hello to Little red pen! Little pink typewriter’s trusty side-kick, Little red pen, now has its own identity. Little red pen is all about the editing aspect of my business… #savingtheworldoneapostropheatatime        

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Weekend Notes article: Field of Light, Albany

“Thousands of glass spheres on slender stems planted along the avenue at Albany Heritage Park by local volunteers, illuminating the tree-lined path with an artwork blooming at night like wildflowers after rain.” – Field of Light, Albany website Following on from the incredibly successful – and incredibly beautiful – Field of Light, Uluru, WA is getting

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Magazine article: Collaborating with purpose

“Besides the thrill of working on a cool project together, we wanted to create something that would have impact and make a difference to the lives of others. As cheesy as that may sound, it was true, and the sheer joy of that spurred us along. And the more excited we became about the project,

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beautiful boy

Goodbye my beautiful boy

– This is not a Little pink typewriter business post, but my boy deserves a blog post. –  Today is the day I’ve been bracing myself for for months, possibly years… preparing to grieve… preparing to say goodbye to the most beautiful chocolate boy in the world. I’ve been trying to prematurely grieve, in the

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