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Little pink typewriter is helping New South Wales-based construction industry publisher, This Is Construction, generate compelling, multi-channel content for its clients to showcase their expertise.

Client: This Is Construction (and its clients)

Project: This Is Construction (TIC) Managing Director Dean Oliver recently relaunched TIC 2.0 and was looking for freelance content writers, with experience in construction / engineering / technical / STEM fields to write and edit stories for its clients.

Cue the perfect fit. My niche!

As well as proofreading articles, media releases and short, sharp content for LinkedIn, I’ve written some long-form content.

Here are two examples:

This incredible multi-award-winning project for SMEC / Fulton Hogan / Transport for NSW, and this interview with Getter CEO Tom Burton.

Want to know more about This Is Construction and how it works? Read more about TIC here.

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Want construction / engineering / STEM content? Need Little pink typewriter? Or just want to know more about what I do?

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