Ahoy! Little pink typewriter goes digital nomad at sea!

One of the many things I love about freelancing – particularly given the skillset I have – is that I can literally work from anywhere… Well, anywhere with a power point, wifi, et cetera…

So, recently, I went on an unplanned “working holiday” from Perth to Brisbane to Papua New Guinea (yes), back to Brisbane to Perth.

It wasn’t a working holiday in that a client requested I go somewhere (though very open to that: have laptop; can – and will – travel…). It was a last-minute “stand-in” holiday for someone who could no longer make it.

Given its last-minute status, I decided to take work with me because a) it’s easy to do, b) it helps pay for the holiday and c) it was the kind of holiday where there was p’lenty of downtime to fit in work without any drama at all.

It was so easy to start my day as per usual:

  • Coffee.
  • Check emails.
  • Action as needed.
  • Work as needed.
  • Check in with / report back to clients.
  • Get on with my day.

It also provided the opportunity to see some of my family and friends in Brisbane, and meet part of the team from one of my clients I’d not yet met, despite having weekly Teams calls with them for almost two years!

All in all, a successful two weeks on land, at sea and in the air!

You can check out more of the pics on my Facebook travel page, or on Instagram.

Now back to my regular desk at Lpt HQ:



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