How remote working adds value – and time and cost benefits

While remote working / working from home (WFH) / virtual teaming has become more of “a thing” since the Covid-19 pandemic, for freelancers, it’s quite the norm. It’s actually my preferred way of working and adds value to clients in numerous ways, including: Timezone advantages Global perspectives Focused, dedicated resource Cost-effective Timezone advantages Given that […]

Service spotlight: publishing marketing collateral

While digital marketing dominates most content marketing strategies, print and / or digital copies of marketing collateral are still effective marketing tools. As well as content writing, content editing and content curation, I offer a publishing service, in collaboration with graphic designers – either in-house or external. I’ve frequently mentioned how much I enjoy working […]

Client spotlight: content marketing for Thiess Rehabilitation

Client: Thiess Rehabilitation Service: Content Plus The brief As part of my ongoing content writing, editing and curation service for mine rehabilitation / reclamation (if you’re in the US!) specialist Thiess Rehabilitation, I provide weekly content marketing services, including writing / editing articles, repurposing them for social media, and tracking engagement. Type of content The […]

Why case studies should be part of your content marketing strategy

While all companies are different and therefore have different content marketing strategies and preferences, case studies are an ideal marketing tool for almost any business. Why? Because case studies are a simple yet effective way of showcasing your expertise,  skills, services and / or products. They inform and educate your clients and prospects, without being […]