Feel-good freelance story

So here’s a good news story about freelancing and the freelance community in general…

It started with a referral – which is how most of my clients find their way to me.

But, initially, in reverse.

I was looking for a freelance graphic designer for one of my clients. I received some recommendations, one of whom was a complete stranger, but knew people I knew. She was a solid referral. A good fit.

However, for reasons that aren’t relevant to this story, I ended up going with a different designer.

But… before I’d made the decision, the referral / stranger, had said, “regardless of the outcome… my client is looking for a copywriter; would you like me to introduce / refer you?”

How kind…

Fastforward. I reach out. Client says, “yes please; let’s chat.”

We do a Teams call.

From what I can tell, it goes well… and ended with the (potential) client saying, “I’ll send you a brief for our first project and see how we go.”


And… I don’t hear from them again?! Woah.

I was *sure* it went well, and in fact, the would-be kick-off project sounded pretty urgent.

Ah well, shit happens. Leads don’t always convert. Would-be clients sometimes ghost.

Meanwhile, I’d connected with the designer (who I hadn’t engaged for my client) on LinkedIn… so a few weeks later I thought I’d check in with her and mention the potential client / working together scenerio had fallen through as I hadn’t heard back from them.

She thought it odd too, and, again, kindly, reached out to them on my behalf. I could’ve followed up, but I felt a bit strange doing so, and it was kind of her to offer.

A few more weeks go by and holy moly, the client emailed me, apologising profusely for not getting back to me. Their timeline had changed and they thought they’d emailed me to thank me for my time and to let me know things would kick off later than discussed. That email was in their Drafts folder 🙂 Ah, the good ol’ drafts folder. True story, though.

They asked if I was available and said they would totally understand if I didn’t want to work with them after all this – the kindest email, really.

So… yes, I’m now working with them!

A happy ending and a very nice example of the freelance community…

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