Award submissions for global design and engineering consultancy

Hellooooo February!

What’s been happening? Well… as well as my day-to-day content marketing, February has been all about (more) award submissions, actually.

While November and December were pretty busy on the awards front, so far, 2024 has continued that theme…

Client: Arup

This time I’ve been working on a few award submissions for Arup, a global collective of designers, consultants and experts dedicated to sustainable development.

Some project awards; some individual awards.

The brief:

Having worked with Arup on various projects over the years, we’ve got a pretty good-to-go rapport and process, but, as I’m always working with different people and different projects within the organisation, it’s critical to have that solid process in place.

After locking in the awards / categories they were going for, my contact set up the interviews and communal file drives, so we could share resources and work collaboratively.

Working with a range of technical, engineering, design, sustainability and marketing specialists, we conducted the interviews, shared reference materials and I got writing.

I worked on four award submissions: two project entries; two individual entries.

I have a (good) habit of spending most of my time up-front in the first draft to get it as close to perfect as possible, and, importantly, addressing the criteria, and staying as close to the word count as possible.

Fortunately, given the tight timeframe, my first drafts did the trick, and there were minimal changes, or resultant back and forth. Phew!


The award submissions were submitted on time, and now we await the results!


“Only good news from me. All have been submitted. I wanted to say big thank you for your amazing work on these and for working with the teams! Thanks so much for your help!”

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