Little pink typewriter set to move it for Share the Dignity’s Move4Dignity

To paraphrase Madagascar‘s King Julien: I like to move it move it! In non-Little pink typewriter news, throughout October, I’ll be donning my little pink running shoes, little pink yoga gear and / or little pink lycra to take part in Share the Dignity’s #Move4Dignity. What is Move4Dignity? Move4Dignity is a virtual exercise event held throughout […]

Engineers Australia International Women’s Day breakfast sends us to space and back to earth again: Dr Mae Jemison

What do the Camino de Santiago, art and science have to do with addressing global socio-cultural issues? This is not really a standard Little pink typewriter and / or International Women’s Day (IWD) post, although it links the two. Each year on IWD (for as long as I can remember being aware of IWD / […]