Little pink typewriter set to move it for Share the Dignity’s Move4Dignity

To paraphrase Madagascar‘s King Julien: I like to move it move it! In non-Little pink typewriter news, throughout October, I’ll be donning my little pink running shoes, little pink yoga gear and / or little pink lycra to take part in Share the Dignity’s #Move4Dignity. What is Move4Dignity? Move4Dignity is a virtual exercise event held throughout […]

Engineers Australia International Women’s Day breakfast sends us to space and back to earth again: Dr Mae Jemison

What do the Camino de Santiago, art and science have to do with addressing global socio-cultural issues? This is not really a standard Little pink typewriter and / or International Women’s Day (IWD) post, although it links the two. Each year on IWD (for as long as I can remember being aware of IWD / […]

2020: it’s a wrap!

What a year What. A. Year. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that 2020 has been… interesting… challenging… for most people and businesses, globally. Starting with the devastating bushfires throughout Australia, and then of course, Covid, life has changed for, arguably, everyone in the world in one way or another, or many. As a […]

6 common writing mistakes – and quick tips to kick the habit!

So spelling and grammar can be tricky. And we often form and perpetuate habits rather than thinking through what we’re saying or writing. Here’s six (speaking and) writing mistakes I see alllllll the time. And, if you find yourself doing them, here’s some simple reminders to help you kick those pesky habits – and improve […]