How remote working adds value – and time and cost benefits

While remote working / working from home (WFH) / virtual teaming has become more of “a thing” since the Covid-19 pandemic, for freelancers, it’s quite the norm. It’s actually my preferred way of working and adds value to clients in numerous ways, including: Timezone advantages Global perspectives Focused, dedicated resource Cost-effective Timezone advantages Given that […]

Service spotlight: publishing marketing collateral

While digital marketing dominates most content marketing strategies, print and / or digital copies of marketing collateral are still effective marketing tools. As well as content writing, content editing and content curation, I offer a publishing service, in collaboration with graphic designers – either in-house or external. I’ve frequently mentioned how much I enjoy working […]

Little pink typewriter is back on board Team Shark Attack for Girls Gone Fishin’ 2023!

Exciting! Girls’ Gone Fishin’ –  is back, and Little pink typewriter is back on board (for the third consecutive – ish #Covid year) as a sponsor for Team Shark Attack. What is it? Girls Gone Fishin (GGF) is an annual women’s fishing competition that brings together like-minded women for a weekend of fishing, fun and […]

Why I started Little pink typewriter – CEO Blog Nation

While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an entrepreneur, I recently answered my ‘why’ question for CEO Blog Nation. In the article, ‘25 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business‘, I talk about ‘one’ of my whys – mobility. “I am just starting my freelance copywriting, editing and publishing business, Little pink typewriter. I started because […]