Award submission for mining client: when things don’t go to plan

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. That’s life. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about them – or only talk about successes.

So I thought I’d share this case study for a project that didn’t quite go to plan, but, in a way, was still worthwhile…

Client: mining company

Brief: award submission about their inclusion and diversity program

My client, a national mining company, was entering the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA) Awards in the Diversity & Inclusion category, showcasing their Cultural Learning Framework.

They provided the brief, including the award criteria and requirements, and background documents / materials / digital media.

We had a few videoconferences to clarify the brief, talk through the criteria, understand their positioning and agree on the messaging.

I wrote three sections, including the opportunity / challenge identified by the company, how they developed and implemented the solution, and the outcomes, including metrics.


Although I prepared the award submision content, on time, some restructuring and resultant complexities at their end meant they couldn’t finalise / submit the award.

While this wasn’t an ideal outcome – for them, or me – I thought it a good example of “these things happen”.

It was not a complete loss as a) I of course was still paid for the work, and b) the client appreciated the work, felt it worthwhile, and was completely open with me about what had happened.

Client comment: “Sincere apologies for the delay in our response… We had to let a few projects go, and unfortunately this was one of them… We will definitely be able to leverage this great work so it doesn’t go to waste. We really appreciate all the effort you put into this one and apologise again it slipped through.”

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