Love me tender…

Ayayay, hands up who loves tender writing?

*cue silence*…

Yeah, it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea.

And while each tender should be tailored, if you do the hard yards up front, and consolidate your company’s voice, values, messaging and key point/s of difference, you should have a pretty solid foundation to build on.

Be sure to:

  • Address the criteria
  • Use a consistent voice & terminology
  • Demonstrate problem-solving
  • Demonstrate credibility & value

The specs/scope of work/team, etc come later.

I’m building such a foundation for one of my clients at the mo’, and it’s a ‘chunky process’, but worthwhile.

Want help with tender writing or edting? Need Little pink typewriter? Or just want to know more about what I do? Email me at or drop me a line via my Contact form.

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