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Copywriting: what’s in it for you?

Big question: what is copywriting and why would you need it?

If you’re on this page you might be wondering exactly what I do – and if I can help. So I though I’d write a blog post to share some of the ways copywriting can help businesses.

No time to think

For most people, life is pretty hectic. Whether you’re a small business owner (like me), a partner in a global corporation or somewhere in between, I get the challenges of busy people. As a time-poor professional in an increasingly competitive market, you have enough on your mind without having to worry about the marketing strategies and content creation you need to effectively engage with your customers.

Too busy to think, let alone, write, right?

How many hours do you have in your day? Not enough, probably. Other than words, a copywriter gives peace of mind to busy professionals. So you don’t have to worry about your marketing communications and messaging, and can get on with doing business.

By engaging a copywriter to take care of your content creation, you can focus on your business – or free up time to spend it doing things you’d rather be doing. And because the content has been given the time and attention it deserves, it will be on brand, on message, tailored to your customers and therefore create traction and engagement.

I explain this a little further here.

What content do you need?

Little pink typewriter provides copywriting and editing services for:

  • Website content (full site or landing pages / sections)
  • Company profiles
  • Team bios
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Annual reports
  • Award submissions
  • Capability statements
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Editorial
  • Newsletters
  • Media releases

Creative partners

While I’m not a photographer, graphic designer or web designer, I can collaborate with your in-house team or connect you to my creative partners.

I highly recommend: Design by Fish, Lucas Maher, Kit Kreative, and Jo Wilson Design.

Want remote services? Need Little pink typewriter? Or just want to know more about what I do?

Email me at hello@littlepinktypewriter.com.au or drop me a line via my Contact form.

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