Weekend Notes: Sammy J

So, in between my client work, I’m still making time to write my arts and culture content when I can.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was in sunny Queensland, Weekend Notes put the call-out for writers to interview some artists / comedians appearing in the then-upcoming-now-cancelled Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

I put my hand up to write the article about musical comedian, socio-political-hilariman Sammy J, which was assigned to me – hurrah.

And I was in the middle of liaising with his PR team when COVID-19 took over life as we knew it.

At that stage, Sammy J was still able to perform his Brisbane Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe shows, but that was the last of it for a while (other than his other stuff!)

I had pretty much finished the article, so here it is, noting the info about the postponed shows and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival setting up a donations fund for performers and crew who’ve been impacted.

Many artists / performers are doing live-to-social media gigs / performances.

Support them if you can.

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