Client spotlight: content marketing for Thiess Rehabilitation

Client: Thiess Rehabilitation

Service: Content Plus

The brief

As part of my ongoing content writing, editing and curation service for mine rehabilitation / reclamation (if you’re in the US!) specialist Thiess Rehabilitation, I provide weekly content marketing services, including writing / editing articles, repurposing them for social media, and tracking engagement.

Type of content

The content might be written (an editorial, interview / Q&A, technical article, service spotlight, blog post, event announcement, industry insights, etc) or visual (a static photo post, branded image or video).

For example, I recently edited an article for global mining magazine, International Mining. But, my Content Plus service goes beyond writing and / or editing – hence the plus!

As well as editing the copy (using tracked changes), I shared International Mining’s LinkedIn post about the article on Thiess Rehabiliation’s LinkedIn page, including writing the intro copy and relevant hashtags, and repurposed / published a truncated version on their website.


This approach allows the article to be seen on both the original author’s platforms (website, social media and possibly EDM), on my client’s platforms (website and LinkedIn), plus any shares by other people from any or all of those platforms – exponential benefits in terms of brand awareness and trust. It can also be directly shared internally (to Thiess Rehabilitation’s team) and / or with a tailored email or EDM for targeted clients.

This creates internal engagment benefits to the company as it empowers the team to share their knowledge within their networks.

Win win!

Want content writing, editing or curation? Need Little pink typewriter? Or just want to know more about what I do?

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