How to write product content without sounding too salesy

“How to write product content without sounding too salesy” probably seems like a contradiction in terms. After all, isn’t that the point of product content – to sell?

Well, yes. But not immediately.

First, you have to build trust.

Writing product content can be tricky and it’s easy to default to “listing the specs” and “sell, sell, sell” mode, and forget who you’re addressing.

While you still have to promote the product, there are ways around sounding too “selly”.

Problem solving versus self-promotion

Put yourself in the shoes and/or eyes of the reader / prospective client and address the problem they’re trying to solve.

While this product-centric article for Teksal Safety is about showcasing products (and listing their features), it addresses the problems they solve and their benefits to the end client.

It also credits the product brand rather than focusing on the seller.

In doing this, it demonstrates that the seller not only knows the product features/benefits, but understands its customers’ issues. Hopefully this builds trust and, at some point (not necessarily immediately) converts to a sale.

So it’s still about products, and still about selling them – but it adds value to the audience / potential customer.

Set the scene

Another way to make a product-focused article less “producty” and “selly” is to set the scene – provide a relatable scenario for potential customers.

This article for Teksal Safety is product-focused, but by discussing the products in their real-life application demonstrates that the seller knows the product features/benefits and application, and understands its customers’ issues.

The benefits of taking this approach

  • Demonstrates knowledge

  • Builds trust

  • Shows interest in the customer

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