Virtual reality experience with visualisation technology experts, CADWalk

My Perth-based client, its architect partners, SPH Architects & Interiors, and I visited VR designers / specialists, CADWalk, to learn about the technology, how it was being applied to their construction project, and of course, try it out.

Cue: awkward photos and walking into “imaginary walls” and falling down “imaginary stairs”.

How does it work?

Using VR spatial design tools, CADWalk provides an interactive experience that enables people to see how they will interact in their new home, building, office, work setting – from walking from the car park to the office to walking the floors and making a coffee in the kitchen.

Often used as part of change management strategies, the technology helps employees visualise their new workplace while it’s being built – and brings 2D drawings to life!

Donning the VR goggles and using the hand-held digital controls, I gave it a crack.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you figure it out, it’s a great walk-through experience.

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