Thank you. Happy Christmas. Cin cin.

So, it’s been quite the year… again… and I’ve not had time to write my year in review…

But it has been another adventure, and my biggest highlight has been sticking to my 2021 goal of “less is more” – fewer clients; more focus / less transactional; more relationship-building / less telling; more doing / less noise; more impact.

I think I’ve achieved that!

I’ve continued to work with STEM, engineering, industrial, construction / property / architecture clients and say no to off-brand / out-of-my-niche clients.

I’m still on the keys for the rest of this week – and possibly some of the “holidays” (eep!), but before you all head off for the year, I just wanted to say a quick:

THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support all things little and pink.

Thank you to my clients – who continue to enable me to do what I do, no matter what’s going on in the world.

Thank you to my fam (far away, geographically, but near my heart & brain!), friends, fellow freelancers, cheerleaders, and champagne-pourers.

And of course our irrepressive barketing manager, Scout Brown!

Have a safe and fabulous festive season and see you for more tappity tap, tap, tap in ’22!

Thank you.

Happy Christmas.

Cin cin.

Peace, love & champagne,



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