Writing editorial for industry publications: a tailored approach

With the continued dominance of digital media and reduced production of print media, there is still a place for editorial – albeit online.   But how do you decide which publications to target and what content to pitch?

For many businesses, mainstream media may not be appropriate, but targeted content for industry publications might be.   A few things to consider:  

  • The publication – is it relevant to your audience, clients and/or prospective clients? Is it reputable?
  • The reach – what is the readership (in numbers, location and industry) and how can people access the content? Subscription only or public? Is it shareable?
  • The content – what message do you want to convey? Focus on imparting knowledge and experience rather than sales.

I recently prepared some editorial (and advertising) for Perth-based industrial safety supplier, Teksal Safety.   In partnership with Teksal Safety’s global manufacturing parters, Dropsafe and Sofis, I prepared an advertisement and editorial for each product / service offering.   As I’m not a graphic designer, one of the advertisements was provided by the manufacturing partner; the other I created in the fabulous design platform, Canva. Admittedly, while Canva is handy and user-friendly, I would always recommend engaging a graphic designer to provide design assets, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do with the resources you have!   For the Dropsafe editorial, we focused on dropped object risks in the oil and gas industry – this was primarily developed by Dropsafe’s communications partner, Tamarindo Communications.   For the Sofis editorial, we focused on the safety and cost benefits of valve interlocking in the process and oil and gas industries.   Both ads and editorials featured in the August edition of Oil and Gas Australia magazine.

While there is a quarterly print edition, having a digital edition provides broad reach and shareability.   Thank you to Dropsafe, Tamarindo Communications and Sofis teams for collaborating.

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