How can you support small business – now and always?

I’ve always been a supporter and champion of small and/or independent businesses.

I love the idea of supporting someone’s passion, creativity, art, craft, dream, cause, financial independence, autonomy, flexibility – or whatever it is that is driving them to run their own show. 

Now that I’m a small business owner, I appreciate and feel even more excited by supporting others.

And, with the whole COVID-19 situazione, there is no better time to support local, small and/or independent businesses.

Mount Lawley Assist has made it easier by establishing a website and Facebook page to support and promote local businesses.

Here’s just some of the ways I’ve been supporting small and local businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown:

  1. Shopping local at 2nd Ave IGA
  2. Hoeing into delicious treats from local faves, Steam Haus CafeThe Woodfired Baker and Smoult’s Larder
  3. Getting Top Dup Donuts delivered – hello!
  4. Opting in for online yoga to support local studio, Heart in Yoga.
  5. Supporting fave cafes when they pivot into takeaway restaurants  – Trio and Swallow
  6. Buying special treats for my dog from Frankie’s Barkery
  7. Even though my husband and I are now both working from home and our (spoilt) chocolate Labrador is getting more attention than ever, we decided to still send her once a week to doggo daycare, K9 Collective a) because she loves it SO MUCH and b) we wanted to keep supporting them, as they do an amazing job, and need to pay their wonderful staff.
  8. Retail therapy with local skate shop, Lucky Skates!
  9. Attending an online health retreat and sponsoring a healthworker.

And of course, shamelessly promoting my own little side project with design by fish, in support of the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation: Help with homeschooling, for a good cause.  Also available in Brisbane!

How else can you support small business?

Of course, the classic “like”, “share”, “comment”, “follow”, “tag”, “review”, “recommend” small and/or independent and/or local businesses’ social media content.

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