Artist statement for Lester Art Prize 2022

Client: Perth-based artist

The brief

In between my usual STEM / technical content, I received the most (delightfully!) unexpected request to write an artist statement and artist CV for The Lester Prize, 2022.

Equally out-of-the-box and exciting… 

“I’ve been meaning to contact you to hire your services. I’m not the best at writing and capturing the essence of the artwork as well as I am with a paint brush!

I hope you have time to even consider helping me. I would absolutely love you to polish and make my submission more professional.”

About the project

The artist sent me a sneak preview of the (emotive!) artwork and I got cracking on the artist statement, referencing the artist, her style, and how it’s applied to this particular artwork, encapsulating the emotion of the artwork and the artist’s intent.

I then polished her artist bio / CV, outlining her experience and passion for her particular style of work.

About The Lester Prize 2022

The Lester Prize is one of Australia’s most recognised and prestigious fine art prizes – an award that places artists and community proudly front-and-centre.


“This is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much.”

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