Project profile: M&K Andrews Transport website and capability statement


M&K Andrews Transport

The project

 Website content and capability statement

The brief

M&K Andrews Transport, a bulk materials haulage transport and quarry materials company in regional Queensland, needed a website and capability statement to help them create a strong brand presence and confidently pitch for highly competitive government contracts.

The process

After our initial phone call, Kerryanne, the K in M&K Andrews Transport, completed my Little pink brief so I could ascertain their priorities, brand voice and key messages – and SEO key words / phrases. The capability statement was most pressing, so we got cracking on that. We then had a Zoom call with the website developer so we could work concurrently on the website.

The outcome

I wrote / edited copy for the website and capability statement, including:

  • Company profile / About page

  • Services, including equipment and resources

  • Experience, including project summaries

  • Management Systems, including the company’s Workplace Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental and Risk policy statements

The capability statement is editable / customisable for bids / tenders and the website makes it easy for customers and potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

M&K Andrews Transport can now use these content pieces to communicate consistently and effectively on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Here’s what Mark and Kerryanne had to say:

Thanks so much for your guidance and support to get our website, capability statement and branding on track! We’ve truly appreciated all of your wise, witty and sincere input.”

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