I love working with graphic designers!

I love working with graphic designers. Here’s why.

It recently occurred to me that while I (obviously) do a lot of writing… I also regularly collaborate with graphic designers and/or web developers to deliver a content project / product.

It started way back… when I was first writing copy on a boxy old Macintosh! Yes, before they were colloquially referred to as Macs… and I then landed a job in a publishing house in Dublin, typesetting books.

While I’d not really done layout before – and was largely typesetting and building editing skills – I had “mac skills”, which was a differentiator at the time. I know. It was a while ago!

During that stint, I learnt to work with (proper) graphic designers, which eventually led me to my first comms manager role, in engineering no less, in which I eventually managed the in-house graphic design team.

Since then, I’ve worked with numerous in-house teams in engineering firms, public and private sector clients, external marketing / communications consultants and digital agencies.

And, I’ve realised I absolutely love collaborating with them.

Copy + design = symbiotic collaboration

We need each other to deliver a professional product for our clients.

My graphic design / web development  / design colleagues wouldn’t be offended if I said they shouldn’t be writing copy, just as I wouldn’t be offended if they said I shouldn’t be attempting graphic design or web design and development! We have different skill sets, and respect them, er, respectively.

But it’s not about us; it’s about the time and cost benefits for our clients.

Why it works

Having a collab partner – or team – brings time and cost benefits.

While I write copy and manage the overall project / client, the graphic designer / web designer / web developer takes care of the design / development (potentially concurrently, depending on the project / product / context).

Likewise, the graphic designer / web designer / web developer might manage design / production projects, while I provide copywriting / editing as needed.

There’s only one point of contact – no double-handling – which streamlines the process, and makes it easier for clients.

Remote working / virtual teaming brings added bonuses

Given that both copywriters and graphic designers provide digital work, locations and timezones are often irrelevant, and sometimes advantageous.

Sometimes the timezone difference works in our clients’ favour because it actually gives us more (working) hours in the day, particularly considering many digital creatives work flexible hours, rather than nine-to-five.

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