Award submissions for Tasmanian drone company, Taz Drone Solutions

Client: Taz Drone Solutions


Having written an (award-winning) award submission for Taz Drone Solutions‘ CEO and Chief Pilot Andrew Davies last year, he contacted me to write another submission for the Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) Industry Awards.

After a brief over the phone and a few emails to clarify, we opted for three categories:

  • NextGen (Under 35yo) Achievement Award
  • Innovation – Technology  Award
  • Leadership Award


Andrew said, “Thanks for getting these done so fast!! Wow. Very impressed. Everything looks good. Nothing really to change.”

It was pretty (very!) short notice, but I squeezed it in, and we made the deadline!

And, Taz Drones Solutions was a finalist in both the NextGen and Innovation categories. W’hoo!

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