Client love: copywriting for Chic Bridesmaid

Client: Chic Bridesmaid

The brief: Back in 2014, long before Little pink typewriter was even a thought, a former colleague emailed me from the US:

“We’re looking for an awesome copywriter to help us build our brand and website. Even before we talked through any specifics of the company or even the mission of the company, I knew I wanted to give you first right of refusal on the copywriting element. Not only are you a natural talent I thought you might find it fun!”

Wow, well that’s very nice. And she offered to pay me!

Long-distance – no problem!

So, across the seas, via email, Skype, tracked changes and file sharing, I got fingers to keys and helped a friend launch her first business. My first (paid) freelance, telecommuting job! I was honoured to be asked and thrilled to be in business!

Jeanette is a magician with words. She brought our new brand to life with clarity and humour.” – Amy Schofield, Mixify Beauty, San Francisco.

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